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About the report

The Business Environment Assessment Study (BEAS) is a series of seven reports detailing the investment potential of Polish cities and their business environments. Seven crucial factors were analyzed: infrastructure, office space, public administration support, educational potential, employment potential, business potential and quality of living. The reports were supplemented with relevant market data: costs of living, apartment prices (in the primary and secondary markets), office rents, salaries, public transport fares and availability of child care facilities. This year's report also expanded the data on economic zones in the region, investment incentives, talent pool and recruitment potential.

Find out what Poland's biggest cities have to offer to investors and see how they compare!


We surveyed 809 respondents, including chairmen, board members and department directors of companies that decided to expand into Poland in the last two years. Poland's educational potential, understood as the future supply of future employees, received the highest scores, whereas public administration support was the lowest-scoring category.

Our partners provided extensive support and expert knowledge in all areas of research. Antal served as the labor market expert, Cushman & Wakefield advised on infrastructure and Vastint provided insights into the factors that may influence future investment decisions. The project is under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The ProProgressio Foundation has become the media patron.

Are you interested in the data we collected? Don't want to wait for the report to be published? Contact us!

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